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26.05.18 - 27.05.18

The Gastronomic festival “Gourmet Festival” in the Italian city of Bolzano acquaints its guests with food and cuisine of South Tyrol – a region with a long history and rich culture.

Bolzano is the capital of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol. 70% of the population of South Tyrol speak German and only for 25% the native language is Italian. The city is usually in the top of the annual ranking of life quality in the Italian cities, compiled on the basis of the evaluation of various indicators. In 2015 Bolzano again has taken 1st position in the rating.

All South Tyrol is famous for very high quality of products and a variety of culinary specialties of local cuisine. Gourmet Festival in Bolzano is proud to present for its guests the best products of the region, many of which even have an official quality trademark.

The festival offers visitors to walk through “Gourmet Mile”, consisting of hundreds fairground tents along several streets and squares. “Gourmet Mile” is divided into separate sections that present the famous Tyrolean apples, milk, honey, pastries, desserts, wine and even local beer.

And in the Interactive sensory course you can taste all the local products, learn a lot about their features and even win prizes with correct answers on questions, basing on information of this tasty course :)

Gourmet Festival in South Tyrol da Planturista Blogger
Gourmet Mile in the town center and an interactive course for the taste buds