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The event “Swiss Golf City Tour, exclusive in its content and novelty, will be held in October in the Swiss town Lugano – the real golf game of real professional golfers in the city center in the main squares, streets and even on the lake of Lugano!

Standard strict golf rules will be modified a bit and adapted to the specific conditions of the game in the streets, but the main goal still remains the same – getting the ball in the hole. By the way, in this case the special golf balls will be used, safe for pedestrians and shop-windows.

Incredibly, the game will be held in the ordinary urban conditions: no specific restrictions for cars traffic and pedestrians will be set, the city will live with its usual standard rhythm.

So golf game will naturally fit the town environment, proving that golf can be not only the prestigious game, but also interesting public sports entertainment. Especially that now this sport is so popular, that in 2016, after more than a century break, golf returns triumphantly to the Olympic Games!

Swiss Golf City Tour in the center of Lugano da Planturista Blogger
Professional golf in the center of the town - in the streets and on the lake of Lugano