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The Italian commune Dorgali – province of Nuoro, Sardinia region – is famous for its picturesque beaches of the Orosei Bay, centuries-old history, handicrafts and wine, which has been produced here already for many centuries.

The village of Dorgali is located 10 km from the sea on the rocky terrain of the mountains of Supramonte. The local population consists mainly of shepherds and peasants with the lifestyle that not changed much over the centuries: food, wine and traditions have been respected here by many generations. Sards try not to delve into the nuances of the world financial crises. They simply follow the laws and rules inherited from their ancestors: graze cattle, grow a vegetable garden and enjoy the sea, the sun and delicious food.

In April, Dorgali invites guests to the Festival Magnalonga Dorgalese (the word “mangalonga” is literally translated as “eat much”). The event is held in the mode of Trekking – a 9 km gastronomic walk along the vineyards, olive trees and ancient villages with stops in local wineries and restaurants, where travelers can degustate the wide diversity of high quality Dorgali’s wines, and taste the culinary delights of the Sardinian cuisine.

The festival offers to guests to choose the time of a route (each half an hour in the first half of the day). Tickets can be purchased online in the official website of Magnalonga Dorgalese.

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