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Amongst the Alps in the north of the canton of Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, there is a small mountain town of Faido: the famous tourist resort of the late 19th century – early 20th century.

Faido is the first town in Ticino, which has launched the use of electricity in 1889! The main motivation for this innovation was the large number of tourists and the rapid development of the tourism industry in the Leventina Valley, the center of which till nowdays is the town of Faido.

The Golden age of the resort (Ital. Belle époque), especially bright in the period from 1895 to 1914, characterizes the Italian-speaking Faido as one of the most popular Swiss resorts, actively visited by the European bourgeoisie and especially the rich nobility of Milan, attracted by the Alpine nature, architecture of Medieval times and comfortable transport and hotel infrastructure.

The tourism industry in Faido was strengthened after the opening in 1882 the Gotthardbahn railway tunnel, passing through the Alps and connecting northern German-speaking Switzerland with the southern Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.

Faido invites guests for the Gastronomic trekkingPassaggi e assaggi” to get acquainted with the history of the Alpine town and to taste the local delicacies, of which the canton of Ticino and the Valley of Leventina are so famous. In 2017, the trekking “Passaggi e assaggi” (literal translation: walks-researches and tasting) is dedicated to the famous Gotthardbahn tunnel.

Guests can walk through the historical places of Faido, stopping in the local hospitable restaurants and grottos to taste local culinary delights, Ticino wines and even local beer, a wide variety of which is brewed in the mini-breweries of southern Switzerland.

Hurry up to reserve your participation in walks and / or tastings, as the town of Faido, as in the 19th century, can accept the small groups of guests who appreciate the luxury of Swiss nature and the delicacies of Ticino :) That is why the maximum allowed number of “Passaggi e assaggi” participants is 500 visitors.

Information about reservations and buying tickets – see in the official website of the event: passaggieassaggi.ch

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Trekking and gastronimic degustations at the luxurious Swiss resort of the 19th century