Hungary Budapest Gastronomic Festival Planturista
21.09.18 - 23.09.18

And again in Budapest there is holiday of tasty food and enjoyable eating :). Gastronomic festival offers both culinary and rich entertaining programs.

In the food program of the festival: wildfowl, fish dishes and other traditional delicacies of the Hungarian cuisine prepared by chefs of the famous restaurants. Of course in the center of this feast – Hungarian soup-goulash “Perkelt”, cooked over fire of stew with vegetables and paprika and presented at the festival in 30 versions!

Entertaining program is rich and unusual: music concerts, cooking competitions, crafts fair and the most exclusive – exhibition of several hundred of tuned cars, among which are both rarities and modern models.

And on Saturday everyone may show off his/her cooking skills and participate in the barbecue competition :)

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Hungarian goulash and tuned cars. Unusual combination?