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In 3 cities – Paris, Budapest and New York – in March, is held the feast of the famous French dessertMacaron. The name “Macaron” has no connection with the Italian pasta, although Italians might still influence on invention of its recipe because one of the versions of this dessert’s origin says that it was brought to medieval France by the Italian confectioners.

Macaron was extremely popular in the French salons though at those times it looked simpler than now – Macaron was not yet divided into two parts. The modern form of the dessert was invented in the early 20th century, and now Macaron consists of two halves joined with cream or jam.

Macaron is cooked of egg whites with almond powder, sugar and colored food dyes, which just creates that famous style of this dessert. Macaron has variety of colors and even tastes – depending on the filling.

Macaron day in Budapest offers its quests to get acquainted closely with the famous Macaron and to visit the Macaron fair, the competition of cooking Macaron and even to learn in master-classes how to bake this delicious French dessert.

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One of the most popular dessert of Versailles and all salons of nobility in medieval Paris