Switzerland Lugano Fish Feast Sagra Del Pesciolino Brusino Arsizio Planturista
22.07.17 - 23.07.17

Ticino – the southern Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland – has always been famous for crystal clear lakes and lake fish.

Already many years ago, locals discovered that not only large lake fish is tasty, but also small fish, cooked in right way, can be a very original and tasty culinary dish.

So in the small town of Brusino Arsizio, located near Lugano, the idea of the annual festival Sagra del Pesciolino was born – the Festival of Fish, or more precisely, of small-sized lake fish. In translation from the Italian, Pesce – fish, and Pesciolino – small fish, called Alborelle.

At the Sagra del pesciolino locals fry fish with oil and eat with fried potatoes, drinking Ticino wine or beer, brewed in local minibreweries.

The Fish feast is located right near the lake with a view of the surrounding alpine foothills. Along the embankment, there are long tables for pesciolino fans, and live music plays all evening, inviting guests to dance.

Fish feast Sagra del pesciolino in Ticino da Planturista Blogger
Swiss fish&chips with view of the lake and the Alps