Italy Cremona Torrone Festival Planturista
17.11.18 - 25.11.18

Torrone – very popular Italian dessert: nougat with nuts and candied fruits. The most traditional torrone is considered to be in the town Cremona, where annually they arrange colorful costume Festival of torrone, which attracts more than 100,000 visitors, who buy more than 30 tons of torrone!

Cremona – the Italian town with unique medieval architecture, the birthplace of many stringed musical instruments and the world-famous violin maker Stradivari.

As legend says, Cremona is the origin place of torrone, where in 1441 at the wedding feast of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti (the Duke and Duchess of Milan) special dessert in the form of torrione (tower) was served. This medieval legend is shown at the festival in costume parade-procession as well as in historical performances in the streets.

At the festival there are master-classes, various cultural events and of course – the fair where visitors can taste all kinds of famous torrone.

Festival of dessert Torrone in Italy da Planturista Blogger
Medieval parade and Fair of very delicious Italian dessert