Holi Festival Colours Planturista

The Festival of colors Holi was invented in India, where it is held for many centuries each spring to increase the immunity of local citizens. To achieve this aim the multicolored salubrious spices are used which the festival participants scatter on each other from top to toe. Useful and enjoyable at the same time :)

Now the festival is popular all around the world and performed in each continent. Though in other countries it is arranged just for entertaining purposes and looks as music festival in the style of colors Holi. Combination of music and colors creates that unique atmosphere of enthusiasm and unity of all participants.

Colored powders at the festival – it’s just corn starch with natural colorants, they are harmless for health and can be even easily washed out. Colors are sold in the small packages that each participant can buy and use at any time of the festival, sprinkling colors on everybody around.

Particularly impressive and spectacular moment is organized sprinkling of colored powders when thousands of participants at a signal all at the same time throw colors up, continuing to dance and to enjoy with the musical-colored galaxy around :)

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The most colorful musical festival in the world