Italy Acireale Nivarata Granita Festival Sicily Planturista
25.05.18 - 27.05.18

The Granita is one of the most popular dessert in Sicily, without which it is impossible to imagine Sicilian summer and Sicilian beaches. Granita is made of water, sugar and natural fruit flavors that are mixed and slowly getting frozen, being converted in a crumbly fruit ice with cream consistency.

The dessert Granita was brought to Sicily by the Arabs many centuries ago, and since then it is one of the most traditional Sicilian desserts. In the old days of the Arab times of Sicily the snow for the granita was taken in mountains and placed in stone caves to keep it till the hot summer. In the summer they were taking ice from the caves and mixing it with fruit juice, for making a refreshing dessert, particularly appropriate for the hot summer of Sicily.

At the Granita festival Nivarata, held every year in the Sicilian city of Acireale, sicilian confectioners make granita manually by traditional recipes as a few hundred years ago. Nivarata offers to taste all the varieties of Granita Siciliana: the traditional lemon flavor, almond, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio and many – many other fruit flavors of this ice dessert.

In Sicily they traditionally order with the granita a small round bun, called in the Sicilian dialect as Brioscia, which one is especially tasty in combination with a refreshing granita – for a breakfast during the hot Sicilian summer.

Festival Nivarata in Sicilia da Planturista Blogger
The lemon - pistachio ice and the hot Sicilian summer