Spain Bunol La Tomatina Planturista

This is not for fanciers of tomato paste and sandwiches with ketchup. It is for fans of tomato crowd and merriment!

The festival La Tomatina” is held annually in the Spanish town of Bunol, located near Valencia. Thousands of tourists from different countries arrive here specially for participating in the tomato festival’s battle.

The main object of the festival – a tomato. At 10 a.m., in the center of the city the trucks arrive – with more than 100 tons of tomatoes! And here the grand tomato fight begins, when all people throw flattened tomatoes at each other, and after a few minutes each person is sure that he should throw a tomato to each person of crowd around.

Probably it would be difficult to stop the rivals, if – as a result after an hour – the tomatoes didn’t finish. And all the tomato-stained but very glad crowd of tomato opponents goes to the river to wash themselves and their clothes.

In addition to this main part of the festival, then fairs, music, dance and fireworks are also organized.

Strict requirement of experienced organizers for those who wish to take part in this extravaganza – not to bring any breakable objects e.g. glass. And advice also from them – to wear clothes which you can bathe in tomato paste without regrets :)

Festival La Tomatina in Bunol Spain da Planturista Blogger
Tomatoes not on the plate but in the pockets and in the boots :)