Spain Barcelona Festival Merce Planturista
22.09.17 - 25.09.17

The city Festival La Mercè, dedicated to the beginning of autumn season, is celebrated in Barcelona widely and actively, expressing the real Spanish creative originality and hot temper.

All Barcelona buzzes and celebrates the enchanting week of Festival Merce, originating from the Middle Ages, when St. Merce saved the city from locust, and has since been considered the patroness of the city.

Everywhere in the streets there are Catalan flags, the locals and the guests are dressed up in colorful traditional costumes, at every step theater and circus performances are arranged, fire and laser shows sparkle, music of all possible instruments sounds.

The most impressive part of the festival – the noisy carnival processions with fire-breathing dragons and giant dancing puppets.

Festival La Merce in Barcelona da Planturista Blogger
Festival of Spanish culture with carnivals and musical - theatrical performances