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25.05.18 - 17.06.18

The name of the small Italian village of Guarda Ferrarese – commune of Ro, province of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna region – comes from the Italian “Guarda!”, which means “Look!”. The village is named so because of two watchtowers, built many centuries ago and located directly opposite each other on the banks of the river Po.

Already for several hundreds years Guarda Ferrarese has been famous of producing salami Salama da tai, a shorted name of “salama da taglio”: sausage, which should be only cut before eating (unlike the sausage, which should be cooked).

Salama da tai is a special sort of salami, in which – strictly following the ancient recipe – they add sea salt, crushed garlic and Indian pepper, mixing all the ingredients certainly by hand. For 6 months the salami is hung for achieving a special cone shape and the required taste. The climate of this area of the Po Valley creates the ideal and at the same time the unique environment for Salama da tai: the right combination of temperature and humidity.

In May – June, Guarda Ferrarese invites guests to the Festival of salami Festa dla Salama da tai“. The festival is held in dinner format, in the menu of which – apart Salama da tai itself – are included other Italian delicacies of Emilia–Romagna region: for example, cappellacci with pumpkin, ravioli with ricotta and Salama da tai, as well as various kinds of Italian cold cuts, cheeses and desserts.

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Queen of salami from the valley of the river Po