Salon Du Chocolat Festival Europe Planturista
10.11.17 - 12.11.17

The international festival-fair of chocolateSalon du Chocolat” has travelled all over the world already during 20 years. Originally invented and held in Paris, the festival arrives now to different countries and cities, each time charms the chocolate lovers with a variety of novelties and refinement of style with which the program of the festival is thought out.

The huge chocolate houses, cars and other figures, made of standard chocolate, decorate pavilions of the fair, which offers all varieties of chocolate and chocolate desserts.

But the most surprising part of the festival’s program – it is certainly the chocolate fashion show where the models are dressed in clothes and accessories made of chocolate! Combining chocolate of different sorts and colors, confectioners-designers create real masterpieces of style and confectionery simultaneously.

Chocolate festival Salon du Chocolat da Planturista Blogger
The chocolate cars and the fashion show of chocolate clothes