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15.03.18 - 19.03.18

The Fallas festival in Valencia is a special period in life of the city. Already long before the festival all the locals of Valencia are engaged in planning and organization of the upcoming event, the main participants of which are the huge constructions – sculptures Fallas. Fallas is special art in which many masters of the city are involved the whole year. Each master creating Fallas is a sculptor, a carpenter, a painter and a scenarist at the same time, each Fallas is exceptional and differs from the other ones.

The idea, realization and organization of this festival brightly presents the true Spanish character. Each street and square of the city organize the commission – a team engaged in the creation of the Fallas sculptures, and its members work firstly – all the year, periodically arranging meetings and discussions of project of their Fallas, and secondly – absolutely for free, just for the sake of idea, traditions and unity of all the inhabitants of the city. 400 commissions work the whole year for organising of the festival!

On the first day of Fallas the huge structures are being assembled of separate elements right in the streets, and this is already a very amazing performance: every year masters increase the size of sculptures, so it is not easy at all to combine all the elements of the huge structure, and the process looks very impressive.

During all the period of the festival performances, colorful parades, light shows and fireworks are held everywhere in Valencia.

And on the last night of the festival the huge sculptures, great works of art … are being burnt. Yes, simply burnt in the streets, following this festival’s tradition and idea, which symbolically means the beginning of a new cycle, and practically – the beginning of creation of new huge sculptures for the next Fallas festival.

Fallas festival in Valencia da Planturista Blogger
The week of huge sculptures, created during the year and burnt for several hours