Sweden Stockholm Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Planturista
10.05.16 - 14.05.16

Eurovision Song Contest has been held since 1956 and attracts the attention of about 600 million viewers from all over the world. Eurovision is held among the countries-members of the European Broadcasting Union and broadcasted live around the world and even in those countries that don’t participate in the competition.

Songs are performed in two semi-finals and in the final. The final automatically includes 6 countries: the country-winner of previous year and 5 countries of the “Big Five” – the founders of Eurovision: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

The competition is held in the country-winner of the previous year, and more often  – in its capital. Eurovision 2016 will be held in Stockholm, as Sweden has taken 1st place in the contest of 2015.

The list of participants of Eurovision 2016 with the songs which they will perform – see in the official website.

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Live brodcast of Eurovision from Stockholm for 600 million viewers