Czech Republic Prague Beer Festival Letna Park Planturista
10.05.18 - 26.05.18

The largest Beer Festival in Czech Republic again – to the delight of all fans of beer and Czech knedliky – will be held in its traditional venue in the nice Letna park in Prague.

Czech Beer Festival in Prague – it is more than 100 sorts of the famous Czech beer of large and small breweries, the waiters in the Czech national costumes, the huge beer tent and outdoor terraces for 4,000 guests, live music and a full range of delicacies of Czech cuisine from the chefs of the best Prague restaurants.

Beer at the Czech Beer Festival is poured, as always, into one-liter beer mugs called “tuplak”, but the traditional currency of the festival – thaler – is changed for a modern version: a plastic “Beer card“, which a guest receives at the entrance and uses for paying beer and food. The ticket entrance price for the festival – 100 CZK, and one ticket lets a guest to visit the festival during all 17 days of the famous beer feast :)

Czech Beer Festival in Prague da Planturista Blogger
100 thousand guests and 100 sorts of beer at the Beer Festival in Prague park