Portugal Madeira Columbus Festival Planturista
14.09.17 - 16.09.17

The ship of Christopher Columbus “Santa Maria” in the bay, sailors going ashore, creak of boats, welcome salute – on the island of Madeiran archipelago – Porto Santo – the annual Columbus festival is held  in honor of the famous seafarer and the whole epoch of the Great geographical discoveries.

The festival is held here not by chance – the life of Columbus was closely associated with the Madeira archipelago. For the first time he arrived to Madeira with the purpose of trading sugar, and then he got married the daughter of the island’s governor. There is house-museum of Christopher Columbus in Porto Santo.

The most impressive moment of the festival is appearing in the Bay of the flagship of Christopher Columbus Santa Maria de Colombo. It is replica of Columbus’s ship, reproduced on the basis of archival prints and drawings.

Once Columbus steps on the ground the welcome salute and parade in the main street of the city begin. And after – celebration of the arrival of Columbus to the island with music, dance, fairs, theatrical performances and decorations of the 15th century.

By the way the ship “Santa Maria” is available each day for tourists who want to feel as real sailors and discoverers :) On the board new “sailors” can explore the entire ship down to the hold, loaded with food and water, to help sailors to fix the sails while navigating along the coast of the island, to sit in cabin of Columbus, meditatively looking at a compass, and, in general, to feel the romance and adventures of the times of the Great geographical discoveries.

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Celebrating of the Great geographical discoveries on the island in the Atlantic Ocean