Italy Naples Christmas Market Via San Gregorio Armeno Planturista
15.11.17 - 24.12.17

Christmas reigns all year round in the famous street Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples – many shops offer here an incredible variety of Italian Christmas souvenirs, and the most important one – Christmas scenes (ital. Presepi) with elaborated decorations and characters.

Neapolitan presepi are famous everywhere in Italy for centuries-old history. Here there are Christmas scenes of various sizes and designs, each artist tries to show all his best skills in this art.

Thousands of people visit this famous street in all seasons, but especially of course it is crowded here during the Christmas period, when Neapolitan artists, sculptors and artisans put their art creations inside small shops and everywhere in the street outside, creating around the real Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas souvenirs fair in Naples da Planturista Blogger
The entire street of the world famous Neapolitan Christmas souvenirs