Portugal Madeira Chestnuts Festival Planturista

Every year on the 1st November the town Curral das Freiras in Madeira celebrates the incredibly popular Chestnuts festival. Usual chestnuts attract thousands of locals and tourists.

Chestnuts in the festival are presented in all the range and splendor –  usual roasted chestnuts, and chestnut soups, and cakes, and liqueurs and other masterpieces of the culinary imagination of local chefs. All this is organized in local traditions with national costumes and music.

On the same day, the 1st November for many hundreds of years Portugal celebrates All Saints’ Day, when the main traditional occupation of children – to walk along the streets, knocking on doors, singing songs and asking for sweets. However in Madeira this usual process is changed and children don’t ask but – with all generosity of Madeira –  present the sweets and roasted chestnuts :)

Chestnuts festival in Madeira da Planturista Blogger
Record quantity of chestnuts met together in the same holiday :)