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Catalonia celebrates The Day of lovers not only traditionally in international way – in February, but also in Catalan way – in April and it is called St. George’s day (La Diada de Sant Jordi).

The saint patron of Catalan Day of lovers – Saint George, who according to legend, killed the dragon, and from drop of dragon blood a red rose suddenly appeared. Brave winner has presented this rose to his beloved. And since those times the men in the St. George’s Day, that is the Day of lovers, present to their women a red rose.

Clever girls quickly invented what to present to their men to respond. Book! Firstly, as we all know, is the best gift, and secondly, on the same day in Spain the Book Day is celebrated. The day is chosen in honor of Shakespeare and Cervantes, therefore the books of these authors – basically – are the most popular as a gift for St. George’s Day.

As a result, on April 23rd, all Barcelona is covered with roses and books, and full of crowds of girls in love with red roses and boys in love with Shakespeare’s sonnets.

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Rose + book = formula of love in Catalonia