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04.02.18 - 11.02.18

“Small Venice” – that is the name of Italian fishing town of Comacchio, located in a cozy lagoon of Adriatic coast in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Ancient bridges over the picturesque canals of the lagoon connect the small islands with numerous colorful houses.

Sea and water are very revered and respected here as the most standard environment and the main source of work and entertainment for locals. Therefore, the Carnival held in the town has marine style – on the water. On channels colorful boats float – a sort of carnival platforms on which participants in masquerade costumes dance and throw up confetti. Each boat is brightly decorated in a certain carnival theme – for example, on one of the boats there is a mini-volcano and the other one is generally transformed in a car that float in the middle of the channel.

During the carnival the streets of the town are filled with musical and dance performances, and cafes and restaurants invite guests to taste the seafood delicacies and the main specialties – grilled eel, which is cooked here by the local recipe.

The dates of the carnival in 2018:



Carnival on the water in Comacchio da Planturista Blogger
Carnival boats on the canals of "Small Venice" and the Adriatic sea delicacies