Switzerland Ascona Carnival Risotto Luganiga Planturista

The carnival in the Swiss touristic town of Ascona will please the guests with not only the colorful carnival procession along the lake in the center of the town, but also – absolutely for free – with a traditional local delicacy: risotto and luganiga.

Risotto – the world famous Italian rice dish, common in northern Italy and in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. They usually use for cooking the special rice with much starch, which gives to risotto the creamy consistency.

Luganiga – pork sausage with addition of pork fat. This sausage is usually served as a main dish (ital. Secondo) with garnish, which is often risotto.

During the Carnival, risotto will be cooked by professional chefs in big pots right on the promenade of lakeside.

Carnival with risotto in Ascona Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
Carnival near the lake and a free lunch for all the guests: risotto and luganiga