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08.02.18 - 13.02.18

Everyone in the Italian-speaking southern part of Switzerland knows the word “Rabadan“: it is the cheerful and colorful Carnival, the name of which is translated as “noise.” This carnival has been held for more than 150 years in the town of Bellinzona, surrounded by high alpine mountains and three famous castles included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Carnival officially opens on Thursday: the mayor hands over the keys of the town to the King of Carnival. Although the main role of the King Rabadan is certainly not to manage the town but to go through the streets in his carriage, and to welcome all the thousands the participants and guests of the carnival.

And then the most important part begins – the carnival parades: on Friday – the children’s parade, on Saturday – the musical parade, and on Sunday – the main and the most bright one: along the central street of the town dozens of carnival platforms go with huge houses, shapes, animals and other characters placed on them. Each platform is dedicated to a defined theme that looks to be interesting for the participants of the carnival, and so they decided to display it in the carnival parade.

And of course, the King of Carnival doesn’t forget to offer all guests the culinary delights of Switzerland – Swiss cheese, Raclette, Rösti, and as Bellinzona is the capital of Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland – also of course Italian cuisine with risotto.

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Masquerade, medieval castles and risotto amongst the Swiss Alps