Switzerland Bern Carnival Planturista
15.02.18 - 17.02.18

The Carnival in Bern (Fastnacht) is one of the most famous carnivals in Switzerland, and it is annually visited by the thousands of participants and guests.

This carnival has its own special legend – after winter sleeping the bear wakes up, and in honor of the end of winter he is released from the tower where he was sleeping all winter.

The bear at the carnival is certainly not real one, but it doesn’t make obstacles to follow the traditions: the “bear” is released from his tower, then he climbs down the balcony and then, dancing to loud carnival music, he leads the colorful masquerade procession.

The culmination part of the three-day carnival is held on Saturday, when in the center of Bern the parade of more than fifty huge carnival platforms moves, around which clowns, magicians and various masquerade characters are jumping and running.

Carnival in Bern Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
The colorful parade with the bear awaken of winter sleeping