Italy Bressanone Bread Strudel Fair Market South Tyrol Planturista
05.10.18 - 07.10.18

The Italian region of South Tyrol is famous for its bread, which is baked here by each bakery to special recipes with secrets which only this bakery knows. Historically, the South Tyrol region speaks German and Italian, so the bread recipes in the region are based on the culinary traditions of several countries. In each small town of the region there is its special bread, which is baked only in this alpine valley.

The Bread and Strudel Fair in the Alpine town of Bressanone (or Brixen in German) – the province of Bolzano, South Tyrol – offers to guests to taste bread baked in various recipes in the bakeries of the region. Each bakery presents freshly baked bread of its alpine village or town.

Bread Fair in Bressanon is held with support of the brand “Qualità Alto Adige” (Quality of South Tyrol), that guarantees the presence at the fair of only the authentic bread, baked to traditional recipes with ingredients grown on the Alpine slopes of South Tyrol.

Bread and Strudel Fair in South Tyrol da Planturista Blogger
Bread with the label "Qualità" in the Alpine valleys of South Tyrol