Switzerland Zurich Oktoberfest Oberland Beer Festival Planturista
27.09.18 - 13.10.18

Those who don’t have time to arrive to Oktoberfest in Munich or who wish to continue their beer party in the same style, are invited to Zurich for Swiss beer festival Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest Zurich – Oberland), which is very similar to Munich festival with huge variety of sorts of beer and unrestrained joy with beer songs and dances.

The Beer Festival Oktoberfest Zurich is held in the town of Uster, located near Zurich, in the Zurich Oberland – the hilly area in the south-east of the canton of Zurich.

Bavarian beer and tasty Bavarian food in the festival beer tents of Oktoberfest in Zurich create a full sense of Bavaria, and music increases the Bavarian atmosphere with the beer songs.

Beer festival Oktoberfest in Zurich da Planturista Blogger
Bavarian beer with brezel and sausages Weisswurst in the Swiss Alps