Latvia Riga Beer Festival Latviabeerfest Planturista
23.05.18 - 27.05.18

The Beer festival in Riga LatviaBeerFest” has been held since 2011 and quickly increases its popularity, every year attracting more and more visitors from around the world.

As a result, today the festival is already considered to be the largest beer event in the Baltics and even included in the list of international beer festivals.

More than 50 large and small breweries from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany and other European countries will offer visitors to taste more than 200 sorts of beer.

The festival is held in Vermanes garden – one of the most beautiful parks of Riga and very popular place to have a rest for locals. The garden is located just 5 minutes walk from the famous Old Town. In the garden traditionally tents are placed for the festival, even though many guests prefer just to spread out a blanket-mat right on the green lawn and have a beer picnic on the grass :)

The Beer festival traditionally begins with rolling out and opening 100-liter beer keg. Then the festival is considered to be opened, the beer is poured in tancards, everywhere meat delicacies are grilled, and on several stages musical bands and DJs begin to perform their music.

And then the guests can plan the program of the evening depending on their preferences: beer spa, sports competitions, dancing, participating in the competition for Mr. and Mrs. Festival, or just drinking beer in a big company under a tent or on the lawn. And all this non-stop mode is every day of the festival until 01.00 night!

Beer Festival Latviabeerfest in Riga da Planturista Blogger
Beer fountain from 100-liter barrel and picnic on the lawn in the center of Riga