Italy Ferrara Balloons Festival Planturista
07.09.18 - 16.09.18

The fascinating spectacle, recreating the atmosphere of the books of Jules Verne and adventure films – the Balloons festival in Ferrara.

One by one, huge balloons slowly rise to the sky. Animals, cartoon characters, houses – every balloon at the festival is unique in its design and creative idea.

Just simply inflating balloons with air is a surprising sight itself, when the colorful canvas begin slowly to transform into huge shapes of air giants.

Flights of balloons at the festival are organized at dawn or in the evening, as this time is optimal and safe in weather conditions for flights of huge balloons.

Guests of the festival themselves can participate in the flights and feel as real travelers or just watch the flights of balloons, observing the maneuvers of pilots driving these unusual air ships.

Balloons festival in Ferrara da Planturista Blogger
Colored giants hovering in the sky above the medieval city of Ferrara