Switzerland Lugano Autonassa Lux Cars Exhibition Planturista
26.04.18 - 29.04.18

The latest novelties of the luxury cars will sparkle in all the glory for 4 days in April on the main square and in the central pedestrian street of the Swiss city of Lugano, located only 75 km from Milan.

Via Nassa – the famous shopping street of Lugano – it can boast with an incredible level of luxury and chic even in standard days: all the street is filled with numerous boutiques of the world-famous expensive Italian brands. But at the period of the exhibition «Autonassa» the degree of luxury in this street begins to go off-scale – it turns into an outdoor pavilion, where at intervals of one meter the long rows of the latest models of the most expensive luxury cars are placed along the street.

The prestigious auto exhibition Autonassa is considered to be one of the largest open air car exhibitions in Switzerland and its luxurious atmosphere of exclusivity is even more enhanced by gorgeous views of the lake and the Alps right at the waterfront of Lugano.

Autonassa Lux class cars exhibition in Lugano da Planturista Blogger
Novelties of the famous luxury cars on the waterfront of the alpine lake