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08.06.18 - 10.06.18

Artisan ice cream festival is held annually in the small Italian town of Agugliano, located in the region Marche, 100 km south of the resort town of Rimini.

Ice Cream Festival in Agugliano is considered to be one of the most important events in the sphere of ice cream production for ice cream producers from all around the world. Italian artisan ice cream makers from all regions of Italy arrive to the festival to present their new ideas and new recipes of ice cream.

Artisan ice cream is the ice cream produced in small quantities and in small, often family-run, business. Such ice cream is usually sold right next to the production site – in the ice-cream cafes (ital. Gelateria). These cafes are a favorite meeting place of the Italians, where they can have a rest with friends, discuss the latest news and eat a couple of cups of delicious ice cream, just prepared by original recipes of a cafe.

In contrast to the industrial ice cream, with restrictions of production technology, artisan ice cream recipes depend only on imagination of confectioners. Ice cream can be prepared with the addition of both fresh fruit and non-standard components, e.g. such as ginger or saffron.

The main reason of the global popularity of Italian ice cream, and more exactly –  artisan ice cream, is its exceptional feature – much air inside ice cream. It is just this “ingredient” allows Italian ice cream to remain always soft and airy even at a low temperature.

At the Artisan ice cream festival in Agugliano guests can taste artisan ice cream of all possible colors with all possible fruits and spices, and moreover – even personally observe the production process of the Italian ice cream.

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The world famous Festival of artisan ice cream in the Italian town of Agugliano