Germany Frankfurt On The Main Apple Wine Festival Planturista
10.08.18 - 19.08.18

Apple wine (cider) has been very popular in Europe already for many centuries. All social classes including kings were drinking it.

Especially sailors who had long voyage liked the cider. Fresh water got spoilt quickly in wooden barrels, so the sailors took the apple juice to ships. When after long storage on the ship the juice began to ferment, it turned into light wine, which jollifies, but not hard for mind.

Actually classic cider is wine that just ferments less time than the standard wine and its strength is just 2-7%.

Already hundreds of years apple wine is the important component of life in the town of Frankfurt on the Main. That is why the Apple wine festival is visited with pleasure by both locals and tourists for tasting different types of apple wine, including classic sorts and modern cocktails.

It is also possible to buy here the local special glasses for apple wine, and even the famous “bembel” – a white-blue jug, in which traditionally apple wine is served.

For increasing of nice atmosphere with nice wine the festival offers entertainments and folk music with folk dances.

Apple wine festival in Frankfurt da Planturista Blogger
Folk festival of the most popular beverage in Frankfurt