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PLANTURISTA | Food festivals and fairs in Europe

City center
Italy Bevilacqua Tortelloni Festival Sagra Del Tortellone Planturista

Tortelloni festival in Italy

06.07.18 - 22.07.18

Traditional Italian tortelloni near the medieval Ferrara

City center
Switzerland Lugano Grotti Tour Planturista

Grotti Tour to Lugano restaurants

01.06.18 - 25.08.18

A trip to the lakeside restaurant by boat

Via Riviera 1, Neapolis
Switzerland Lugano Pizza Napoletana Neapolis Planturista

Neapolitan pizza in Lugano

01.07.18 - 31.08.18

More than 30 types of Neapolitan pizza and the real atmosphere of a pizzeria of Naples

The square of the Fish Market
Italy Trapani Sicily Street Food Festival Planturista

Street food festival Stragusto in Sicily

25.07.18 - 29.07.18

Tasty, various and economical - all this is Mediterranean street food

City center
St. Moritz
Switzerland St Moritz Tavolata Planturista

Tavolata in St. Moritz

27.07.18 - 29.07.18

The table of 400 meters long with Swiss delicacies in the middle of the famous Alpine resort

Matterhorn-Express valley station
Switzerland Zermatt Breakfast With Mountain Panorama Planturisa

Breakfast with mountain panorama in Zermatt


Breakfast in the gondola cabin, moving along the cable road, with a view of the Swiss Alps

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Switzerland Ticino Brunch 1Agosto Planturista

Brunch at the Swiss National day in Ticino


Hospitable Swiss farms and local specialities on the National day

Germany Berlin International Beer Festival Planturista

International beer festival in Berlin

03.08.18 - 05.08.18

340 breweries from 87 countries offer to taste 2400 (!) sorts of beer

City center
San Carlo (FE)
Italy San Carlo Pumpkin Cappellaccio Festival Ferrara Planturista

Pumpkin and Cappellacci Festival in Italy

09.08.18 - 19.08.18

Pumpkin feast and medieval pasta

City center
Frankfurt on the Main
Germany Frankfurt On The Main Apple Wine Festival Planturista

Apple wine festival in Frankfurt

10.08.18 - 19.08.18

Folk festival of the most popular beverage in Frankfurt

Valle Bedretto
Switzerland Ticino Valley Bedretto Food Trekking Planturista

Food trekking in valley Bedretto Switzerland


Picturesque landscapes of the foothills of the Alps and alpine delicacies

Latviešu strēlnieku laukums 1
Gastronomic Adventure Dinner In The Sky Planturista

Gastronomic adventure “Dinner in the sky”

15.08.18 - 18.08.18

Dinner at the table, raised to a height of 50 m, and gastronomic dishes from the best chefs

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