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PLANTURISTA | Food festivals and fairs in Europe

Via Riviera 1, Neapolis
Switzerland Lugano Pizza Napoletana Neapolis Planturista

Neapolitan pizza in Lugano

01.07.18 - 31.12.18

More than 30 types of Neapolitan pizza and the real atmosphere of a pizzeria of Naples

Germany Munich Oktoberfest Planturista

Oktoberfest Beer festival in Munich

22.09.18 - 07.10.18

Everybody knows this word – Oktoberfest :)

Via Della Posta
Reno Centese
Italy Reno Centese Sagra Del Tortellino Planturista

Tortellini festival in Italy

13.09.18 - 30.09.18

Delicious Italian pasta Tortellini with a variety of fillings

City center
Italy Bevilacqua Tortelloni Festival Sagra Del Tortellone Planturista

Tortelloni festival in Italy

14.09.18 - 29.09.18

Traditional Italian tortelloni near the medieval Ferrara

Factory Nacka Strand
Sweden Stockholm Beer Whisky Festival Planturista

Stockholm Beer and Whisky festival

27.09.18 - 06.10.18

The main whiskey festival in the world and the largest beer festival in Northern Europe

Landihalle, Quellenstrasse 6, 8610 Uster
Switzerland Zurich Oktoberfest Oberland Beer Festival Planturista

Beer festival Oktoberfest in Zurich

27.09.18 - 13.10.18

Bavarian beer with brezel and sausages Weisswurst in the Swiss Alps

Cannstatter Wasen, Mercedesstraße 50
Germany Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen Beer Festival Volksfest Wasenhasi Planturista

Beer festival Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart

28.09.18 - 14.10.18

Cold beer, tasty grilled chicken, beer songs and good company!

City center
Switzerland Mendrisio Village Festival Sagra Del Borgo Planturista

Festival Sagra del Borgo in Switzerland

28.09.18 - 30.09.18

Village festival of food and wine in the "magnificent village" of the southern Switzerland

City center
Italy Comacchio Eel Festival Sagra Anguilla Planturista

Eel Festival in Comacchio Italy

28.09.18 - 14.10.18

Local delicacies of eel, offered to guests among the sea channels and ancient bridges of the lagoon town

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